What is CrossFit and why CF 584 of Burlington?

CrossFit by definition is “Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensities over broad domains.” That’s nice! But what does that even mean? First off, the term functional fitness has become the go-to word for many boot camps and gyms that want to get people in the door. It’s no secret that many programs are using this to get great results. We use many different movements and exercises that fall into the functional fitness category. Between bodyweight, free weights, and odd objects, you will learn and experience some of the best functional fitness. Doing so at high intensities is where fitness comes in.

Fast? Yes! Intense? Yes! But, done so in a safe way. Which is much better regulated in a small group setting and not in a sea of people running and jumping around on the opposite side of the gym from the trainer. We are that resource YOU need to get the most out of your 1 hour a day in the gym. You may pay only $9.99 at other gyms, but what do you do there? What do you get out of it?  Getting the constantly varied workouts as opposed to the same 45 minutes of stations with 1 min. intervals and repeating rotations over and over again that get repetitive and only demands so much adaptation of your body. This is the classic CONDITIONING or the DEATH BY CARDIO idea. At CrossFit 584 we know that fitness is so much more.  Fitness is much more than just cardio or just strength. It’s the ability to overcome physical demands and adapt to the requirements of everyday life. From mowing the yard and gardening.To playing with the grandkids. Fitness effects everything we do on a daily basis.

How is CF 584 different from other gyms in Burlington?

The owner, Scott, has been involved with CrossFit and using its methods for training for over 10 years now! Having seen first hand all of the individuals who have used the same methods he has, he can attest that with dedication and focus any individual can achieve some of the best fitness of their lives! The CrossFit 584 community has been through a lot. Having been together over 10 years now, an integral part of the fitness movement here in Burlington, the oldest and longest existing “functional fitness” based gym, we have seen many gyms come and go, but the members that make up CrossFit 584 has been a part of the CrossFit community here in Burlington since 2009! Showing that we are more than just a gym. We are a community of fitness-minded individuals who want to find health and wellness through fitness and do so with friends on a daily basis.



All new CrossFit athletes go through our “On-Ramp” program to learn the general terms and proper technique of CrossFit. This course consists of six (6) 1 hour sessions with one of our coaches. Upon completion of the “On Ramp” athletes will be able to join our regularly scheduled classes.

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