What is CrossFit?

By definition: Crossfit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. What does that mean? In short, CrossFit is training for your daily life using movements that are utilized to perform your daily functions. We train the body and mind so that you are prepared to take on any task that you may encounter during the day. CrossFit works your entire body instead of isolating its parts. We don’t use machines, we are the machine

Do I have to be in good shape to start CrossFit?

CrossFit is infinitely scaleable. What we mean by that is anyone at any fitness level can do it! Each CrossFit class is guided by a CrossFit certified coach who is capable of changing or adjusting any movement to fit the needs of an individual athlete. The coaches job is to create a safe environment for all athletes while allowing them to maintain the level of intensity needed to reach their fitness goals.

Am I going to get hurt?

Injury can occur any time improper form or technique is used. With proper technique and coaching the risks of injury are minimal. The coaches at CrossFit 584 pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of proper technique and the ability to communicate that information to our athletes. Statistically speaking, running on the sidewalk in your neighborhood is more dangerous than any CrossFit program. To help new athletes acclimate themselves with the proper technique, we implement an “On-Ramp” course to teach you the proper form for all movements.

Is there an introduction to CrossFit class?

Yes! All new CrossFit athletes go through our “On-Ramp” program to learn the general terms and proper technique of CrossFit. This course consists of six (6) 1 hour sessions with one of our coaches. Upon completion of the “On Ramp” athletes will be able to join our regularly scheduled classes.

What are classes like?

Classes at CrossFit 584 are one hour small group fitness classes. Group fitness has been shown to create a strong bond between members and helps our members feel a sense of camaraderie. “The person who finishes last receives the loudest cheers,” is a way of life at CrossFit 584. A successful community leads to successful individuals.

Our classes always start with a guided warm up. From there our coaches will guide athletes through the skill or strength portion of our workouts. Then the class will complete the WOD (workout of the day). Our program has been developed to enhance each athletes skills and strength while also increasing their cardiovascular endurance! Our coaches even hang around to aid athletes with stretching afterwards.

We also offer “Open” gym times which allow athletes to come in an work on their individual needs.

Do you have showers/locker rooms?

Yes. We have both men’s and women’s shower/changing rooms. We also provide storage for your valuables so that you can workout without the worry of someone going through your things.

How is a CrossFit gym different from a “big-box” gym?

One of the first things you’ll notice when entering the gym is that we have an open floor space without the large amount of unnecessary machines taking up space you would normally see in a larger gym. Our programming is developed around the use of free weights and body weight movements, remember YOU’RE the machine. The use of free weights coupled with body weight and cardiovascular movements has been proven to yield better results than the use of machines such as a treadmill. Since our program is constantly varied, you will also not suffer the mental fatigue found while using the cardio machines found at much larger gyms. Athletes also notice the difference in the amount of calories burned!

The biggest difference you will see is our coaching. A major complaint with the larger gyms is the lack of direction when using machines. EVERY CrossFit class is guided by a Level 1 certified coach. Each of our coaches has an extensive knowledge of movement, mobility, and technique. We pride ourselves on creating a safe, injury free environment through the education of proper technique for each of our athletes.

Our programming is another major difference. CrossFit athletes don’t worry about what machines will be open, or is it “chest” day. Our program is created in house, and designed specifically for you! Gone are the days where you flip through a magazine to find your next cookie cutter workout. The best way to create a successful program is to be hands on with the athletes that are using it. We provide daily workouts for our athletes. Our WOD’s pop up the day before and with our integrated software system, Wodify, you can easily input and track your results. Wodify even keeps up with previous times and weights so you can easily see how much your fitness has increased.

Finally, we want to see you here! When was the last time someone at one of the “big box” gyms called you to check on you? If you haven’t attended in multiple weeks, do other athletes reach out to you? The “big box” gym is counting on you NOT showing up. At $10 a month they’re counting on people signing up and staying home. If everyone actually showed up one day there wouldn’t be enough equipment to go around. At CrossFit 584 we believe that a strong community is the key to success. We want to see you several times a week, if not every day. Our athletes regularly workout at the same time, which creates that sense of community many of us want to feel.

I have an existing injury, can I CrossFit?

CrossFit has proven to be very beneficial for rehabilitation of injuries. Many members also report that nagging small pains they’ve had for years seem to subside when they start training. Many times these injuries occur because athletes were never taught the proper way to complete each movement. Our CrossFit coaches have a keen eye, and many times can find the breakdown in form and help athletes adjust accordingly.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

Generally, no. We ask that you wear comfortable footwear and athletic attire. We have everything else you need here.

Am I too old/young to CrossFit?

We have coached athletes of all ages. We are under the belief that if your heart is still beating, we’re glad to have you. Our coaches can adjust our program to fit athletes of all ages and fitness levels.

Do you have child care available?

Yes! We’ve partnered up with Bizi Kidz (www.bizikidz.com) to offer child care while you train for just a few dollars per session. It’s right across the street from us at 3398 S Church St. They have facilities and staff to entertain your children for hours.

How do I start?

Getting started is easy CLICK HERE!

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