4 Thanksgiving Survival Options

Thanksgiving is an amazing part of the year!  Let’s be honest, it’s all about the food. All of that delicious food that we all know really isn’t that good for us but is soooo good to us!  Of course the family time, there’s that too. Do you really have to eat and over eat, over and over again? What if you did? Is it really all that bad?  How can I survive this Thanksgiving? Here are a few survival options to help you through your holiday and come out the other side without feeling like a failure.


1. Know that you will eat more calories than you really need in a day, it’s just going to happen. 

What can you do to counteract that? Simple, exercise and control after the fact. You will most likely have several thousand extra calories to burn off the week you come back from your Thanksgiving Day binge and the days after.  The following week coming back you simply put your head down and do what HAS to be done. You reign in that appetite and control the urge to continue eating like a king. You add an extra day or two to your regular training schedule.  You earned it! This is not the advice you want to hear, right? But, it is the advice you need to hear. Increased activity, controlled caloric intake can chip away at extra stored calories in the body, body fat. Take control of yours and do what HAS to be done.


2. Plan a FAST! 

If you go into the weekend knowing you will eat a significant amount of calories, why not save those calories for the meal that matters, Thanksgiving.  Yes enjoy the yams, enjoy the dressing and the gravy. Enjoy the green bean casserole while you’re at it. You won’t really remember that fast for the first part of the day when that first bite hits your lips.  Use the next day as another chance to fast. Trust me, you will have eaten plenty and will not need breakfast as bad as you may think. You may even wake up still feeling full from all that turkey day goodness.


3. For those disciplined enough, this will just be another day in the trenches for you. 

Everyone else will be walking around talking about how full they are, pants unbuttoned, stains down their shirts, belching out loud giving thanks to the chef.  You will be as cool as a cucumber, content in the single portion you enjoyed with the family and friends you gathered with. Even that one piece of pie or cake didn’t really affect your days total caloric intake. YAY!  And you really don’t feel that bad about not being one of the masses of people over eating to the point of discomfort. To you I say congratulations. Life is short, but you have your goals and you have shown focus. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.


4. Counter act that delicious dose of food with an equal dose of increased activity. 

Plan for part of the day to be an activity outside or plan sometime in the gym to get a jump on all of those calories.  While I’m not all that big on “cardio sesh’s”, consider adding a good 45 min. to 1 hour of extra cardio to get a good calorie burn before binging on that bounty of beautiful deliciousness.  On average you can burn between 400-800 calories in that time frame depending on the level of intensity. Walking, running, biking, rowing, hiking, swimming, elliptical, stair climbers, and/ or any combination of those things can help you burn a significant amount of calories.  You can also consider a good ol’ gym sesh to pump some iron and burn some calories during this Thanksgiving holiday. Circuit training or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style training can add to the intensity and compound that calorie burn in even less time than a standard weight training session.  By carving out some time during your day to get your pump on instead of just carving that bird, you can come out on the other side of this holiday season with less calories packed away than someone who simply eats and sleeps their holiday away.

Consider these few options to help you get through your holiday season and not beat yourself up too much for it.  In the end, understand that you can be human, you can enjoy your time with family and friends. You can eat as you would like because there are options for you out there.  You don’t have to just eat and be lazy and continue the downward spiral of weight gains, discomfort, and decline of health and wellness. You can make a change and difference in your life, it just has to come in the form of diet and activity, period.  Control of your diet and increased activity can and will make the difference so many people need. It doesn’t have to be extreme training, simply moving which can start in the gym or even at home. Try these options for a fun at home exercise;

  1. 30 min. as many rounds as possible of 5 Push Ups, 10 Sit Ups, 15 Air Squats.
  2. 15 min. as many rounds as possible of 5 Burpees, 100-200M run
  3. Complete 5 sets of a 400M run and 50 air squats
  4. Complete 50-40-30-20-10 Lunges and Sit Ups
  5. For 45 minutes, every minute on the minute, min.1-10 Burpees min. 2-20 Sit Ups, min. 3-20 Lunges, min. 4-15 Push Ups, min. 5-Air Squats for 8 sets through.


So fitness does not take machines and an in depth regimen, just some time, your body weight, and dedication to become a healthier fitter you.  So this Thanksgiving holiday consider your options and don’t give up on your goals. Stayed focused, understand that you will make decisions each day and it’s not the end of the world.  It’s just another day you will have to work to effect your health in either a positive way or a negative way.  

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and we’ll see you in the gym when it’s over!



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