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Athletes of the Month for September: Dean Rainey and McKinley Greer:

Dean and McKinley both came to CrossFit 584 with different goals in mind.  Dean’s primary goal is to continue moving and maintain his physical health as long as possible, while McKinley originally started with the intention of losing weight and trying something new.  While their goals were different, their drive and tenacity is the same.  These two often come in multiple days throughout the week and give it their all every time. 


Dean has been at CrossFit 584 for almost a year.  Dean’s son owns his own CrossFit gym in Texas, and convinced Dean to try it out to help maintain his health.  With the help of our excellent morning coaches (Coach Corey in particular), Dean has found a love for CrossFit.  Dean has witnessed great increases in strength, mobility, and cardiovascular endurance.  Here is some of what Dean has said about his CrossFit experience so far:

Favorite WOD: Rowing, kettle bell swing, sit up.
Favorite Movement   Rowing

Least favorite movement    Burpees

What did you do before CrossFit?  Before crossfit  Mainly walking up to 10 miles per day.
What were your thoughts after your first workout?  Thought after first workout.  Man I can do this.  Thanks to dedicated coaches. 
What are some of your goals?  Lose weight, tighten up.  To be able to do 1 pull up before my 1st year ends with crossfit at the age of 79.
Greatest achievement at CrossFit:  Run 1 mile, Deadlift 155 lbs, Overhead squats 35 lbs.,  Situps, & jump rope  
What advice would you give others? 
Give crossfit a chance.  Do not be afraid because of your physical condition.  With the coaches we have @584, they will plan your workout to your ability.


McKinley has been at CrossFit 584 for almost 2 years now!  Her original goal was to change up her fitness regimen to help with her weight loss goal.  Since starting on her journey, McKinley has lost over 100lbs!  McKinley is usually one of the first people to welcome someone new into the class, and is very active in our community as well as her church community.  During her time at 584, McKinley has taken great strides in developing her strength and mobility.

Here’s what McKinley had to say about CrossFit and CrossFit 584:


Why did you start doing CrossFit?
I am an athlete at heart, but I let myself get totally out of shape. I felt like CrossFit would consistently challenge me to maintain a higher level of fitness. My original goal was to be in better shape at 40 than I was at 30.
Favorite WOD:
Favorite movement:
I like to row, clean, and benchpress…so, anything that involves one or more of them.
Least favorite movement:
I hate anything having to do with running.
Tell us about your fitness journey before CrossFit.
I started as a swimmer at 4 years old. My stroke specialty was butterfly. I swam competitively for 10 years until I left home for high school. In high school, I played just about every sport you can think of…although varsity basketball and field hockey were my 2 main focuses. I was always moving, so it was just a part of who I was. I played varsity hockey my first year in college but had to drop sports to work full-time. From that moment on, my fitness journey became very hit-and-miss. I slowly fell out of shape and stayed there. Every time I tried to get it back, I became frustrated and quit again. Finally, I got sick and tired of the shape I was in and showed up to a CrossFit584 Saturday Community WOD. I decided to commit myself to the month-long On Ramp process. I figured it would give me enough time to decide if CrossFit was the direction I should go. November 1st 2017, I will celebrate 2 years with CrossFit584. Now, I can’t imagine my life without the regular workouts or the people. Both have totally changed my life for the better.
What were your thoughts after your first WOD?
It was so horrible that it was great! I loved the encouragement and community support. I knew that if I committed to the program, I would definitely see the results. I have!  
What are some of your goals?
I don’t have specific goals other than general fitness. I like getting my baseline in every movement and watching as my strength progresses over time. My main goal is to simply improve every time I go to the gym. To get stronger, faster, better.
What do you think is your greatest CrossFit achievement?
I had serious doubts about box jumps and rope climbs. I’m on the box now, getting faster every time…and I’m on the rope now too! I’ll be climbing before you know it.
What advice would you give a new person to CrossFit?
Be kind to yourself. As my Mama says, “You didn’t get into this mess overnight, and you’re not going to get out of it that easy either.” Don’t waste your time worrying about what everyone else can and can’t do. Set your own goals and PRs. Then get in there and break ‘em! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you progress. You just have to stick to it. My original mantra was “Don’t Quit. Don’t die.” It still gets me through sometimes.



Athlete of the Month for August:  Pete Medlin and Brittany Loye:

Pete has been a member at CrossFit 584 for over 2 years.  From the very beginning Pete wanted to learn and develop as an athlete.  It’s not uncommon to see Pete 5-6 days a week at the gym.  Pete is generally a regular at the 7pm class every day.   Pete is another one of our main group of competitors, and is currently planning to take on War of Wods in January.


Brittany is a mainstay in our 12:30 lunch class.  Over the past 16 months Brittany has developed into a great athlete.  Brittany excels with barbell movements and has been consistently working on any deficiencies with her gymnastics skills. 

Here’s what Brittany had to say about her CrossFit Journey:


Favorite WOD: I think it’s called Randy it’s 75 snatches

Favorite movement: squat clean & snatch

Least favorite movement: wall balls

Tell us about your fitness journey before CrossFit:  I use to go to the gym but it got boring. I love crossfit and how it’s something different everyday.

What were your thoughts after your first WOD? It was different but I knew Id like crossfit after that.

What are some of your goals? Just to tone up and be stronger.

What do you think is your greatest CrossFit achievement? Becoming stronger.




July Athletes: Scott and Lauren Sumner:

Scott has been a member with CrossFit 584 since April 2016.  A workout enthusiast is synonymous with Scott.  He regularly comes in 5-6 days a week.  Scott’s love for working out wasn’t limited to just him.  His daughter, Lauren, joined the 584 family in March.  Before joining Lauren was a regular at our community WOD’s.  Lauren is a dual sport athlete outside of the gym, competing in both volleyball and cheerleading.

We asked Scott and Lauren to answer a few questions for us about their CrossFit journey!



Why did you start doing CrossFit?
I thought it was a good way to get into shape. I liked the idea of going to a class and getting coaching from someone who knew what they were doing.
Favorite WOD:
Favorite movement:
Deadlifts and running
Least favorite movement:
HSPU and ring dips
Tell us about your fitness journey before CrossFit.
When I was younger I played a lot of baseball, as I moved into my 30’s I did not do very much exercise.  I started gaining a few pounds and I knew it was time to start exercising again. I started off with a tread mill and eventually got interested in Crossfit. I started out in my garage. I got to a certain point and figured needed some coaching and other people to push me. I decided to check out Crossfit 584 and have been here since June of 2016.
What were your thoughts after your first WOD?  
Uuuuuuuugh……… I didn’t die LOL
What are some of your goals?
I just want to keep moving and be the best Crossfit athlete I can be.
What do you think is your greatest CrossFit achievement?
Is the fact that I got my family involved. It is very important to me that my kids and my wife know how important it is to be physically fit and to take care of their bodies.  
What advice would you give a new person to CrossFit?
Trust the process. You are not going to get fit and back in shape overnight. Consistency is the key!



Why did you start doing CrossFit?
I started doing crossfit because I had come to a couple of the community wod’s with my dad and I really enjoyed the workouts…. so I got a membership and now I come everyday!

Favorite WOD:Amrap20… Partners of 2: 12/9 cal row, 12 burpees, 12 Box jumps

Favorite movement: Snatch

Least favorite movement: Row

Tell us about your fitness journey before CrossFit.
My fitness journey before crossfit was, I was always healthy and did sports so I was used to conditioning every now and then but then crossfit opened my eyes to what conditioning really was!

What were your thoughts after your first WOD?
I felt like I was going to throw up then pass out!!!

What are some of your goals?
I really want to be able to pull ups with no band and I also want to learn to like to run

What do you think is your greatest CrossFit achievement?
I think my greatest achievement in crossfit so far was being able to build up that self confidence to tell my self , yes you can do it and that has helped me so much!

What advice would you give a new person to CrossFit?
I would say to always believe in yourself and never be afraid to ask for help from coaches and other people in the box!


June Athletes: Daniel Krenzer and Jan Burge;

Daniel has been a member with 584 since July 2015.  He has become an integral part of the 584 community.  Daniel is the owner of Alamance Kaffee Werks, and has created a 584 specific coffee!  It’s normal to see Daniel in the gym almost every day of the week.  Daniel has competed in multiple competitions throughout North Carolina.  Daniel is one of our longest standing members, and is an excellent representative of CrossFit and the CrossFit 584 community!


Why did you start doing CrossFit?

I began to workout with kettle bells and found quick results with explosiveness. I enjoyed the learning about the mechanics and engaging all the muscles. It seemed like a natural progression to start CrossFit as I learned about Barbells

Favorite WOD

Any wod with cleans or push-ups. I like Cindy a lot.

Favorite movement

Cleans and deadlifts and anything kettle bell

Least favorite movement


Tell us about your fitness journey before CrossFit

 Mostly was jogging and Brazilian jiu jitsu. What I liked about bjj was the sense of community and I’ve found that with CF.

What were your thoughts after your first WOD?

 How am I going to make it through the day? Let’s do it again

What are some of your goals?

 To learn the mechanics of a muscle up and become more proficient at over head squats

What do you think is your greatest CrossFit achievement?

Double unders , learning to rest less

What advice would you give a new person to CrossFit?

Experience it for yourself. Consider fitness an investment


Jan has been a consistent and devoted member of CrossFit 584 since she first walked in the door in August 2015.  It’s no surprise to see Jan most mornings in our 9AM class.  Jan has developed so much as an athlete in the past two years, and it has been amazing to be a part of her progress as an athlete! 

 Why did you start doing CrossFit?

“I started doing Crossfit because my best gym buddy/workout partner moved and I became bored very quickly and wanted to try something new and challenging.”

Favorite WOD:

“I still don’t know all the names of the workouts, but anything that involves rowing and wall balls would probably be my favorite.”

Favorite movement:

Barbell movement: Push press.
Non Barbell movement: wall balls

Least favorite movement:
Barbell:  Thruster
Non Barbell: Anything involving a lunge.

Tell us about your fitness journey before CrossFit.

I’ve always been active. I even played Collegiate basketball.  After college I stayed active in different gyms and joined a road cycling group.  I participated in 5Ks, 10Ks and several triathlons.   As I’ve gotten older, and my knee pain from old basketball injuries has gotten worse, I’ve had to change my workouts and my routines…. eventually I ended up at Crossfit 584.

What were your thoughts after your first WOD?

  I liked it immediately!

What are some of your goals?

I’d really like to be able to do ring dips without a band and handstand push-ups more effectively. I’d also like to improve my chest to bar and maybe eventually do a bar muscle up. :-/.

What do you think is your greatest CrossFit achievement?

Learning the kipping technique so that I could do PULL-UPS!!!!

What advice would you give a new person to CrossFit?

I’d say: “Just try it….you can modify anything and make it work for you. You’ll be amazed at what you can do after a year!!!”


Previous Featured Athletes:




Name: Nate Perry

“Since Nate started with us in November of 2014 he has become a integral part of the lunch class. Rarely missing a day, and letting his coaches know if he is going to be out, he has consistency in his routine and this has helped him improve his health and abilities greatly since having started. Laughing and having a good time, helping others enjoy the environment also, the workouts at the lunch class are never dull with Nate around. We appreciate his energy, his enthusiasm and genuine joy in being a part of our gym, this is why Nate is our athlete of the month!”






Melissa Johnson

Who is Melissa?
I am married and have 2 little boys, ages 4 and 8, who keep me on my toes. I work full time as a Registered Nurse at a local clinic.
When and why did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in January 2014, decided to take some time off but couldn’t stay away and have now been back at it since last July. I love how CrossFit challenges me on a daily basis. I have tried your basic gym workouts but became bored within a few weeks of it. With CrossFit, each day is something different and there is no doubt that I will get a good workout! Lots of people think that you have to be “fit” to start CrossFit. I am definitely proof that this is not so. I was never into sports nor did I lift heavy weights. I may not be the fastest or strongest in the gym but I will finish and push myself toward goals I never thought were attainable! One of my favorite fitness quotes….

“Fitness is not being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be”-anonymous. I am truly better than I used to be!
What’s your most/least favorite CrossFit movement/metcon?
My favorite exercise would be the power clean and least favorite are thrusters. Although this may change with more practice and fine tuning.
What’s your next fitness goal you’d like to achieve?
My current goals are to do unassisted kipping pull ups and increase my consecutive number of double unders. Pull ups have been my weakness my whole life but I will get there! An overall goal for me is to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve/tone my body composition.
Even after the hardest WOD that has you lying on the floor gasping for breath, what keeps you coming back to CrossFit 584?
I have met some great people since joining CrossFit 584. The family atmosphere and everyone’s eagerness to help one another keeps you coming back! CrossFit has truly changed my outlook on life. I eat healthier, have more strength to keep up with my crazy kids, and feel more confident in myself. This in itself keeps me coming back for more each day. At 35, I am in the best shape of my life and look forward to getting stronger and healthier through CrossFit.