“Train smart, train hard.”

Randy Romich is the Co-Owner and a coach at CrossFit 584. Randy has been an avid CrossFitter for the past four years.Don’t be surprised if you see Randy at the gym every day. Randy has 15 years of fitness experience and he has developed an extensive knowledge of programming. He works diligently to provide the members of CrossFit 584 with the best fitness program in Alamance County. Whether it’s helping an athlete during his free time or coaching athletes during class, Randy is always helping athletes work towards their goals.



“Work hard, stay strong.”

Scott Barbee, coach, owner, and operator at CrossFit 584 has been coaching CrossFit for almost 10 years. After spending just minutes in Scott’s class you’ll quickly notice his passion for helping athletes reach their fitness goals. He’s successfully coached athletes ranging from 10 years to over 65 years of age. Scott also has a passion for Olympic Weightlifting, both competing and coaching. Scott holds a CrossFit Level 2 Certification and a USAW Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Certification. You may also find him competing in events such as mud runs, triathlons, bike races, marathons and CrossFit competitions (1st place War-of-the-WODS 2015!).



“Push yourself, don’t settle.”

Patty Phinney was a runner looking to spice up her fitness regimen when she started CrossFit in 2013. After seeing how CrossFit seamlessly combines weightlifting and cardiovascular endurance, she quickly transitioned to CrossFit as her primary source of fitness. After finding a new level of fitness, Patty switched gears from running half marathons to competing in local CrossFit competitions. Patty is CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach and is eager to help 584 athletes achieve their fitness goals.



“Live healthy, live strong.”

Just a few years ago Bill Marsh was an overweight smoker with a hatred and fear of working out. He credits his enjoyment and progress to the community that is CrossFit 584. Bill has been a CrossFit Certified Level 1 instructor for over 4 years now. Bill has a wide knowledge base in many of the Olympic lifts, as well as in the area of mobility and flexibility. After just one class with Bill, athletes will find themselves implementing newly acquired skills to their warmup and cool down routines. Bill enjoys seeing his athletes reach fitness levels they never dreamed possible for themselves.



“Be consistent, don’t give up .”

Corey started Crossfit in 2014 following a conversation with a coworker. He was looking for something to help him stay active and physically fit after 5 years of service in the US Marine Corps. After his first workout he was hooked. The combination of weightlifting and cardiovascular endurance fit perfectly as he transitioned from the military. After gaining multiple years of experience, he decided it was time to take his passion for fitness to another level. Corey is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified coach, and has shown great pride in helping the athletes at 584 reach their athletic potential.